Luxury Shopping in Paris

When traveling to Paris, you have to leave room in your suitcase or pack a second bag. It is the best place to make certain pharmacy, designer, clothing, and market purchases.

I always leave lots of room in my itinerary for shopping.

Nothing on Earth makes you feel luxurious like a Champs-Élysées purchase. In Paris, I buy stocking stuffers, gifts, skincare, clothing, etc. I wander about the different Passages, Bon Marché, and Monoprix shopping stores, not to mention the pharmacies that are on nearly every block, especially the ones that specialize in skincare and beauty products, or the super large ones, they are goldmines!

Also, a pro tip- visiting Paris around Thanksgiving is the time to go shopping, all the black Friday deals, and none of the crazy!

Shopping list at the pharmacy: (Every Pharmacy has it’s own site, check the ones near you)

First things first, retinol, yes retinol. Go to every pharmacy you see and ask the pharmacist for A303 til one has it. It’s a staple and one must hunt it down. It’s about 20 Euros, and truly better than any over-the-counter retinol you’ll get in the states. Now people request we bring it home for them!

After that, skincare brands we love:



Avène-chapstick, and many other things




Nuxe-hair and body oil


Weleda-skin food specifically

Shopping list at the Monoprix or the grocery/shopping stores:

  • Bar Soap made in Marseille, we don’t know what is in soap from this region, but it’s amazing and over half the price of what they cost in the states, we’d wager about 20% of the cost. These make super cute gifts, grab a few cute soap holders, a sprig of lavender, a nice ribbon, and voíla! a super cute gift or stocking stuffer for friends and family. Now we have to bring them back for people every time we go!
  • Macarons
  • Crepes- premade dessert crepes, packaged up like tortillas!
  • Honey- comes in fun french flavors like lavender
  • Wine and Champagne
  • Travel-size bum wipes (they are the best)
  • Le Chat laundry bars, one set will last a lifetime, but it’s the best lingerie handwashing soap 
  • Hand towels

I bet you can see some amazing gift baskets and stocking stuffers forming as you’ve been reading this, we have to go to Paris pretty often just to keep up with our friend’s and family’s needs!

All in all, any shopping in Paris is incredible. Plan time to just wander around the city and go into stores as you have time, you won’t regret it!

les passages couverts de Paris

Paris is a shopper’s paradise, with its iconic boutiques, charming markets, and hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, or the perfect baguette, you’re sure to find it in the City of Lights. So pack your bags, grab your wallet, and head to the most stylish city in the world for a shopping experience you’ll never forget.

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