Top 10 Munich Sites to Visit

Munich is the capital of the southern part of Germany, with cobblestone streets and and historic buildings, it truly is a city that’ll transport you through the ages while you stroll along. I still dream of the raspberry and rose macron I had that was the size of my fist one day while wandering around Altstadt (old town). If you find them, please let me know where they are, I’d love to have another one! There are many hidden gems and unique experiences in and around the Bavarian Capital of Germany, not just dreamy pastries. Enjoy the very best Munich has to offer, wander the parks, museums, castles, and churches, then you can end every day with a different brewery tour!

Munich Germany Brewery Tours Viktualienmarkt Asam Kirche Very Best

The best things to do in Munich are Viktualienmarkt, get some beer and enjoy some people watching.

I love starting any trip to Munich here, the market runs from 8 am to 8 pm, and the food is amazing. There’s fresh grocers stalls, flowers, beer, and incredible meal options. It’s an open air market, so the people watching is perfection.

Brewery tours from local citizens on Yahoo Meetups is my favorite place to find tours and pub crawls.

Munich is famous for Oktoberfest, but outside the month long festival, there’s still great brewery tours and pub crawls to delight your senses! Some are close together and you can walk from one to the next. But, they’re all easily done in an evening with a metro pass. Search in person social activities and find the tour for you!

Asamkirche, better known as The Asam Church, has such a colorful interior, grab a pew and marvel.

This church is a Baroque masterpiece, a private place of worship built by the Asam brothers between 1733-1746, just to save their souls. It’s a fun piece of history, and stunning interior.

See a band at Olympiapark, which was built for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games and is still a cultural center for the city.

There are shows, art, sports, and you can just enjoy the park. This a very cool Olympic stadium that has so much going on, all the time! There’s a children’s fair and park, grassy areas to play or enjoy a picnic. There’s always a few cool things to do here. Check out the schedule a head of time and see what interests you!

The English Garden Surfers

This is the best park in Munich, with museums, a Japanese tea garden, outdoor cafés, light hiking and walking with plenty of beautiful scenery and art. If you enjoy watching surfing, this a great place to see people surfing the river. It’s more delightful than it sounds, grab a coffee or an ice cream, depending on the weather and enjoy exploring all the things the English Garden has to offer.

Bahnwärter Thiel, street art with all kinds of local activities and a club at night.

An urban cultural center doubling as a night club at night. The area is made up of all kinds of found materials, there’s subway cars, shipping containers, and floating gondolas and a crane that have all been painted and turned into a very cool social spot that’s reachable for all. Typically open from 2-midnight, check out their programs and hours before heading over.

Die Juristische Bibliothek the culture of this library makes it the local favorite in Munich Germany

Pinakothek der Moderne, very cool modern art museum.

A trans-disciplinary museum housing 4 museums under one roof. If you’re into design, this is the only museum in Munich to go to. The four disciplines it houses are: ​​art, works on paper, architecture, and design. This is the best modern art museum in Munich, and a personal favorite of mine. Spend a few hours here, it’s wonderful. And the museum store is quite fun to shop in.

Go to a reading at Die Juristische Bibliothek, a beautiful library in the Neues Rathaus.

A gilded art-nouveau masterpiece, with about a 30-foot (10 meter) ceiling and gorgeous spiral staircases and handrails, has one of the best cultures, hosting all kinds of readings and other programs.

BMW Tours:

Cars are a mix of science, art, and interactive experience, and BMW is one of the top car industry titans. This tour shows the important history of technological and social advancement and anthropology provided by the automobile industry. This tour will show you how all those things combine to make an incredible driving experience, and the past and future of design and technology. It’s truly a marvel inside an architectural marvel to boot. Just check it out, you won’t be sad you did!

Café Glockenspiel

If you’re going to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel, you may as well make a reservation at the Café Glockenspiel for a meal and/or drinks. The views of the Marienplatz are wonderful and the food is great!

If you only have 1 day in Munich, consider this itinerary:

  • 9 am find a near by café and bäkerei, they’re everywhere and they’re good!
  • 10 am BMW Welt
  • 1 pm Viktualienmarkt for lunch and light shopping
  • 3 pm a museum of your choice
  • 6:30 pm dinner at Café Glockenspiel
  • 8 pm Brewery tour/pub crawl
The Painted Houses of Oberammergau

If you can spend an extended amount of time in Munich, it’s a perfect city for doing day trips from. Here’s some of the very best day trips from Munich:


A picturesque city in the German Swiss Alps, homes and businesses are so quaint and beautiful with their gabled roofs and painted fronts set with Alps as the backdrop, you’ll feel you’ve stepped out of time. The town is know for it’s once a decade performance of the passion of the christ, Christmas markets, and its skilled wood carvers. Oberammergau is a great stop on the way to our next day trip idea: Neuschwanstein

Mad King Ludwig II's Neuschwanstein Castle of Dreams outside Munich Germany


The castle that inspired the Disney castle logo is unforgettable, started by Mad King Ludwig II, King of Bavaria in 1869 and it wasn’t until 1884 that King Ludwig moved in. The King’s bedroom suite features a pool for swans to swim around in. The king was deeply inspired by medieval myths and legends, especially Lohengrin, the swan night. There are other reasons the King was enamored with swans, but go explore the castle and grounds and find out why!

Dachau – World War II Concentration Camp

The memorial and museum is perfectly done, much is still intact of the buildings and structures from when it was in use from 1933-1945. The art installations and religious memorials are beautiful and peaceful. If you have a day to do this trip, I highly recommend you do. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you really shouldn’t miss.

Skyline in winter of Salzburg Austria a must see of Europe

Salzburg, Austria

This amazing city will blow your mind, no matter what you’re into, this place has it. You can easily spend a few days there, but a day trip is also great! Take the family to the Salt mines, definitely ride the slides. Go to the monastery, or eat at the oldest restaurant in central Europe- Peter Stiftskulinarium, eat in the cave, so cool. The Hohensalzburg fortress has incredible views and hiking in the area is fantastic. Not to mention the sights from The Sound of Music and the botanical gardens. Truly a lovely place to spend a day or more.

Thanks for reading our travel blog about Munich, Germany. We hope you’ve found some useful information and inspiration for your trip. From visiting the beautiful churches, and the iconic Hofbräuhaus München brewery, to exploring the beautiful English Garden and indulging in traditional Bavarian cuisine, there’s something for everyone in this charming city.

We hope you have a great time in Munich, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Safe travels!


Michi & Nico